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Direct Democracy identifies a mix of decentralisation and centralisation in Queen's Speech

DdlogoThe Direct Democracy group - established by Tory parliamentarians Douglas Carswell and Dan Hannan - has welcomed the moves towards 'people power' that are widely expected to be announced in today's Queen's Speech:

  • Directly elected police commissioners by local communities.
  • Devolution of powers to local councils and communities. Yesterday the Chancellor announced that most ringfencing of central-to-local government funding would be lifted.
  • A Great Repeal Bill for repealing burdensome and costly regulation.
  • Citizen’s initiatives in order to put forth both local and state referendums.

DD also listed six other initiatives that they hope to see the Coalition deliver in future:

  • A referendum on Britain's membership of the EU (as promised in the Liberal Democrat manifesto).
  • The power of recalling ethically questionable MPs should be triggered by local voters rather than - as the Coalition proposes - a group of politicians in SW1.
  • Similarly the power to initiate open primary elections in 'safe seats' should be in the hands of constituents. The Coalition risks giving the power to party machines.
  • The Great Repeal Bill should - wiki-style - include the ideas of the population.
  • Greater use of referenda so that voters decide more of the great issues of the day.
  • Future Queen's speeches should include People's Bills that would emerge from popular votes.


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