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The TaxPayers' Alliance is the favourite think tank of ConservativeHome readers

Yesterday we noted how a panel of influential journalists, parliamentarians and thought leaders rated the London think tanks. The Centre for Social Justice and Policy Exchange won top marks.

Simultaneously we also held a vote of ConservativeHome readers and that produced a very strong showing for The TaxPayers' Alliance in almost every category.

1,265 took part and this is how they voted:

TAXPAYERS ALLIANCE 35% voted the TaxPayers' Alliance as the most effective overall think tank in influencing the national debate. The Centre for Social Justice won 12% of the vote. Policy Exchange 10%.

40% thought the TPA had carried out the most interesting economic analysis. Reform was next with 9%. The Centre for Policy Studies and Policy Exchange tied with 8%.

48% thought the TPA would be toughest on any Conservative government. Second placed in this category was Reform with 7% and MigrationWatch with 6%.

20% thought the TPA had been most effective at nurturing new talent. Second was the Adam Smith Institute with 15% and then Policy Exchange with 14%.

The CSJ did win among readers in the category of which think tank had been most influential on the Cameron project - as it did with influentials. It won 25% of the vote. Policy Exchange won 20%.  The TaxPayers' Alliance won 17%.


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