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Tory government urged to develop strong policies against genocide and war crimes

The Conservative Human Rights Commission - independent of the party but connected - has just published a report entitled Those Who Bear The Greatest Responsibility. Chaired by Sir Desmond de Silva QC, former Chief Prosecutor at the UN-backed tribunal in Sierra Leone, the report focused on the Responsibility to Protect principle.

It recommends:

  • The appointment of a Human Rights Minister, to oversee human rights work within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office;
  • The appointment of a number of ambassadors with specific responsibility for human rights themes.
  • An annual debate on international human rights should be held on the floor of the House of Commons.

Tony Baldry MP, Chairman of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, comments:

“We live in an age when grave crimes are committed by tyrants around the world, and a culture of impunity prevails in many places. Such impunity cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged, for it is a threat to peace and stability. This report is an important contribution towards informing and shaping a Conservative government’s approach to these global challenges, and to promoting a human rights-based foreign policy.”

Full PDF of the report.


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