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80% of Winter Fuel Allowance money goes to people NOT in fuel poverty

FuelpovEarlier today David Cameron made it clear that the Winter Fuel Allowance would be protected under a Conservative government.  The Economist's Bagehot was disappointed, noting that "means-testing more benefits should indeed be part of the answer to the unanswered question about cuts."

Not only would it save money for the taxpayer, Policy Exchange argue in a new briefing that the Allowance is an ineffective way of tackling fuel poverty. The 'Cold Comfort' report finds that £2.2 billion of the £2.7 billion paid in Winter Fuel Payments is going to households who are not in fuel poverty. 100,000 pensioner households who receive WFP have an income over £100,000. Meanwhile a full 49% of the ‘fuel poor’ receive no WFP.

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