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The Centre for Social Justice announces new work programmes on reoffending and Britain's ageing population

Later today Iain Duncan Smith will unveil a new work programme for his Centre for Social Justice. In an advance press release the former Tory leader lists some of the challenges he hopes to address.

Citing research data Mr Duncan Smith highlights crime...

  • Nearly four in five teenagers leaving custody go on to commit a further crime, according to the latest figures.
  • And 69% of those completing community sentences also reoffend.

...and Britain's ageing population:

  • The fastest growing age group in the country is the over-80s, which now make up 4.5% of the population or 2.75 million. This has increased from 2.8 per cent or 1.57 million over the past 25 years.
  • The numbers of pensioners are around 11 million or 19% of the population. This is expected to increase to 15 million in 20 years.
  • Some 2.5 million pensioners are living below the poverty line and nearly a quarter of single female pensioners have no savings at all – compared with one fifth of single male pensioners.


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