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2020Health calls for end to cosmetic surgery on NHS and fines for people who repeatedly use casualty departments as result of alcohol misuse

Julia Manning, Tory PPC, CentreRight contributor and Chief Executive of the medical think tank 2020Health, has issued a report that calls for a crackdown on "frivolous" uses of the NHS.

The report - "Responsibility in Healthcare" - calls for:

  • An end to NHS funding of cosmetic procedures and treatment for conditions such as acne;
  • Common pain killers and cold remedies to no longer be available on the NHS;
  • Fines for people who routinely use casualty departments because of alcohol and drug misuse (Policy Exchange made similar recommendations at the end of last year).

Julia Manning said:

“The universal healthcare system is at the core of our society, but too often it is treated with the same casual regard as calling for a taxi or booking a train ticket. We must encourage people to be more in control of their own health. It’s reassuring to know that the NHS is there for you, but that doesn’t mean you should be free to routinely end up there after a night out.”

Download a PDF of the 2020Health Press Release.


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