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Cutting back on quangos


"ACA to YJB - A Guide to the UK's Semi-Autonomous Public Bodies"(PDF)

Authors: Ben Farrugia and John O'Connell

Publication date: October 2009

The report addresses the UK's 1,148 Semi-Autonomous Public Bodies (SAPBs) which are more commonly known as quangos. The Government spent an estimated £90billion on or through these organisations in 2007-2008 which was an increase in £13billion from the previous year. This amount represents around £3,640 for every household in Britain. The report acknowledges how hard it is to abolish SAPBs however it urges politicians to dramatically cut spending on them. The report is critical of SAPBs for their unaccountability, their duplication of function and the crony-ism which is rife in them.


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