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Restoring Trust in the UK Asylum System


"Asylum Matters - Restoring Trust in the UK Asylum System"(PDF)

Authors: The Centre for Social Justice Asylum and Destitution Working Group, chaired by Julian Prior

Publication date: 15 December 2008

This report acknowledges that the public have lost confidence in the asylum system under Labour and that the lengthy asylum process is neither serving the asylum seeker nor the taxpayer. The authors suggest their greatest concern with the current asylum system relates to accommodation and financial support being withdrawn almost immediately after a negative decision has been made on an asylum claim. The report also mentions that it is highly damaging that asylum seekers are not entitled to undertake paid employment. The report makes the case for dividing the functions of the UK Border agency. Other proposals include allowing those who are unable to return home a temporary right to remain and an increase in the forced removal of asylum applicants within six months of a negative decision if all other options have been exhausted.


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