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All verg true, but we cant ignore potential global effects such as climate change, or perhaps better described as climate instability either. Surely we need to price in the exernality (CO2 emissions) and/or encourage lower emitting tchnologies?


Market failure is not an invention of the left. It covers situations such as natural monopolies and environmental pollution which happens when polluters do not have to bear the cost of the effects of their actions on others.

I suggest the author avoids talking about economics as he is clearly ignorant of it.

Elaine Turner

I thought oikophilia was a fear of those outside the M25 by those that govern us!

If we closed down the UK tomorrow and emitted nothing, whatever may, or may not, be going on with the climate would continue. Our contributions to carbon emissions are as nothing compared to China and India. All we succeed in doing in hampering our production of carbons in a 'green way' is to cause our people to go cold and our industry to close because of excessive costs. We can contribute little to altering the climate. I wish those in Westminster would realise that!


"Trans-generational loyalty" - a beautiful concept which does not just embrace the living, the dead and the as yet unborn, but emphatically the living, from grandchildren to grandparents.

This has been very successfully destroyed by the globalised Left, so that we now have an atomised society in most Western nations, where child raising is seen more and more to be the task of the state, thanks to the creeping destruction of the family. This atomisation has also led to the now common intergenerational 'war' between the generations, with more than a hint of class warfare. The old are being painted as greedy 'have-alls' who should be done away with so the young can get what they deem to be their due, now, without needing to put a lifetime's work into it.
Above all, this atomisation is characterised by a disrespect for life, from abortion to euthanasia on demand - because babies, infants and toddlers as well as the infirm and elderly are unproductive, and are cost factors because they need looking after.
The global, green Left doesn't care that their solutions for saving the planet are destroying just that which should and must be protected - from family life to landscapes to regions and animals. Perhaps it is already too late to reverse this global destruction.


Hmmm strange unless you consider Fascists to be on the Left, I've noticed that the modern right seem to these days, Scruton seems to have forgotten who created what you might call the environmental movement in this country, as for euthanasia I can't imagine Pitt-Rivers ever considered himself to be on the'Left' Poundbury its OK, but it 'aint Utopia.

The Soil Association was formally registered on May 3, 1946,[2] and in the next decade grew from a few hundred to over four thousand members. The founding members comprised notable figures from various fields, including doctors, dentists, farmers, journalists, engineers and horticulturalists.[3]

According to their website:

"The Soil Association was founded in 1946 by a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists who observed a direct connection between farming practice and plant, animal, human and environmental health."
"The catalyst was the publication of "The Living Soil" by Lady Eve Balfour, the sister of Prime Minister Arthur Balfour, in 1943. The book presented the case for an alternative, sustainable approach to agriculture that has since become known as organic farming."

The Soil Association was founded in part due to concerns over intensive agriculture and in particular the use of herbicides. A comparison between the two forms of farming in 1939 was called the Haughley Experiment. The headquarters of the Soil Association used to be at the nearby Haughley Green in Suffolk.

One of the founders of the Soil Association was Jorian Jenks, a former member of the British Union of Fascists (BUF), closely associated with Oswald Mosley. Jenks was for years the editorial secretary of the Association's journal "Mother Earth". During the late 40s the Association involved far-right and even antisemitic elements, remnants of the defunct BUF, and was driven by far-right political ideas as much as ecological concerns. Following Jenks’ death in 1963, the Association tilted towards the left of the political spectrum, especially under the new president of the Association, Barry Commoner.[4]

The Soil Association was one of five like-minded associations that founded the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) in 1972 in Versailles, France, to act as the umbrella organisation to advocate for the global uptake of organic farming.

Along with Bob Saunders Jenks pretty much kicked off the environmental movement in this country, I do hope now that 'fracking' is looked upon as the solution to our energy problems especially the Right the likes of Scruton and Co. will not be protesting when it arrives in their rural idyll.

Lt. Tom Paris.

Roger Scruton dismisses neoliberalism as an invention of the Left which they use as a "bogeyman". The truth is the opposite. Neoliberalism is an anti-conservative fiscal movement that deregulated banks, reduced tax, caused inflation and created massive, unrepayable debt across the democracies. No fiscal conservative policy would have done this.

It is neoliberalism that has caused off-shoring of our manufacturing and done more to globalise the world and devour national sovereignty than anything else. The author needs to adopt a new critical position against neoliberalism if he is to be a genuine conservative.


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