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9 Feb 2010 11:28:20

(3) Vote Conservative... because of Chris Grayling

VoteConservativeGraylingChris Grayling is determined to press ahead with the plan for directly elected police chiefs. In the most important manifestation of David Cameron's localist agenda the police will be forced to pay much greater attention to the concerns of different communities.

Also within Grayling's brief we can expect a multi-pronged reversal of Labour's policy of uncontrolled immigration. David Cameron has promised to reduce net immigration to the levels of the 1990s; implying a 70% cut. I still hope this will be quantified before the election.

Working with Dominic Grieve we will also see the abolition of ID cards and a range of other civil libertarian measures.

Tim Montgomerie

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9 Feb 2010 10:00:00

(2) Vote Conservative... because of Michael Gove

VoteConservativeGoveMichael Gove's plan to introduce 'the Swedish model' into the British education system will end the local authority monopoly of schools provision and give more and more parents a choice of school. Faith groups, businesses and voluntary consortiums will be able to set up new schools within the state system and will have freedom to choose their own internationally-recognised system of examination and will be able to set teachers' pay and conditions themselves. Over time, the policy's three weaknesses will hopefully be addressed.

Michael Gove will also introduce a pupil premium for children in the inner cities and will use his first 100 days as Education Secretary to put under-performing schools into new ownership.

Headteachers will have new powers to restore discipline in schools, history will be taught properly and private schools will be protected from being closed down by the Charity Commission.

Tim Montgomerie

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9 Feb 2010 07:19:41

(1) Vote Conservative... because of George Osborne

During today ConservativeHome is offering ten reminders as to why we can vote Conservative with confidence and enthusiasm. We don't plan to exhaustively list every shadow cabinet minister and their portfolios but to offer ten good reasons why we can support the Conservatives with enthusiasm.

VoteConservativeOsborne George Osborne will use his first budget to cut the headline rates of corporation tax by abolishing allowances. As part of his ambition to make Britain an international headquarters for business and to "improve Britain’s international rankings for tax competitiveness and business regulation" he wants to continue to cut corporation tax in budget-after-budget. Tory Treasurer Michael Spencer has spoken of a corporation tax rate of 20% by the end of a first Parliament.

Osborne has also promised to eliminate most of Labour's structural budget deficit by the end of a first term of Tory government. Unlike Labour which will largely use higher rates of tax, the Conservatives will largely use reductions in waste and spending to close the gap.

Also on the economy Ken Clarke will chair a deregulatory star chamber that will ensure more regulations are eliminated than new regulations enacted.

Tim Montgomerie

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