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15 Aug 2012 08:16:41

Four objectives for David Cameron's reshuffle

By Tim Montgomerie
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Over the next few days ConservativeHome will be looking at the looming reshuffle, the first and perhaps only big reshuffle that Mr Cameron will make in this parliament. Although my guess is that the really big one is actually a year or so away.

  • Tomorrow I will run through the big names likely to move or who have been subject to speculation;
  • On Friday Matthew Barrett will identify key figures from the 2010 intake who are due for ministerial office while Bruce Anderson examines the big reshuffles of the Macmillan and Thatcher periods;
  • On Saturday Pete Hoskin asks if it would be better if we had some all-Conservative and all-Liberal Democrat departments. He also examines whether a reshuffle can be made to work if unaccompanied by significant changes to the civil service.


Today I want to set four broad objectives for the reshuffle: re-election; radicalisation; rebalancing; rehabilitation.

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