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After the summer bounce, the autumn lull – our latest Cabinet league table shows little meaningful change from the last

By Peter Hoskin
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Last month, I characterised our Cabinet league table as a “summer bounce”, with stronger numbers for many of ministers listed. This month, it’s more of an autumnal lull: the overall positions are more or less the same (it’s the same top three and the same bottom three, with only a slight reordering in between), but most ministers’ approval ratings have flattened out or declined. We conducted our survey of Conservative Party members around last week’s Syria vote, so that might have made a difference – but I'm not sure whether it explains why, say, Jeremy Hunt has lost 9 points off his rating. My guess is more that the general optimism of the early summer recess has faded somewhat. Anyway, here’s the table:

Graph 1

Over 2000 people responded to the survey, of which over 800 were Conservative Party members. The survey began before and ended after the Syria vote.


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