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Conservative members want the Coalition to end shortly before the election (and are opposed to the idea of another afterwards)

By Peter Hoskin
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Like I said a week ago, the summer recess has delivered an upturn in chatter about the Coalition. And, here on ConservativeHome, we added to that chatter this week with a rather striking poll finding: that a majority of party members now say that the Coalition is good for Britain.

Well, now we have some more Coalition-related results from our latest survey to share with you – specifically on its duration. Here’s the first, on the question of when the Tories and Lib Dems should split up. As you’ll see, the most popular choice was “shortly before the 2015 general election”, although the other three options each received around 20 per cent of the vote:

Graph 1

Then the question of when the Tories and Lib Dems will split up. Again, “shortly before the 2015 general election” came out on top, but by a larger margin this time. Only one per cent of party members believe that the divorce will happen this year, well below the proportion that wants it to:

Graph 2

And, to finish, a question about the possibility of another Con-Lib Coalition after the election. Reversing the positivity of earlier in the week, it turns out that almost 59 per cent of party members are either “broadly” or “completely” opposed to such a union:

Graph 3

> Just over 1550 people responded to the survey, of whom over 700 were Conservative Party members. The figures above are taken from the latter's views.


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