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Bald Boris will still be a winner

By Harry Phibbs
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Toby Young has given ten reasons why the Mayor of London Boris Johnson will be better off bald.

Mr Young says:

I was heartened by the pictures showing that the Mayor of London is losing his hair. Far from his political career being damaged by this, as Guido Fawkes seems to think, I believe it will be enhanced. After all, baldness is a sign of maturity and intelligence, while blondness is associated with frivolity and stupidity. This could be just the thing to convince people that Boris really can be entrusted with our nuclear launch codes.

The Prime Minister has been criticised for baldist language in the past making a reference to the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Liam Byrne as Baldemort.

However Mr Cameron's prejudice, if it exists, clearly does not extend to prohibit the bald from serving in the cabinet.

Paul contributed to this debate last year. Here is another chance to see the accompanying graphic showing what a bald Prime Minister and Chancellor would look like and also giving us a glimpse of how the Mayor of London will appear in due course.


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