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Cameron agrees to legislation for In/Out EU referendum

By Harry Phibbs
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It is reported that David Cameron has agreed to put forward legislation for a In/Out referendum on our membership of the EU by 2017. The draft bill will be published by the Conservatives tomorrow.

A bold move which should restore Conservative unity and pose challenges for rival parties.

UKIP have said that such legislation is meaningless as no Parliament can bind it's successor. But are they credibly claiming that a Conservative Government elected in 2015 would repeal the requirement for a referendum? Come off it, Nigel.

On the other hand the legislation might not pass is enough Labour and Lib Dem MPs solidly vote against it. Yet then they would be shown up for wishing to deny the British people a say on this crucial issue.

Does it mean the coalition would end? I don't think so. I understand this would be a private member's bill with the support of the Conservative Party, not a Government bill.


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