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UKIP surges to a record 20% in an opinion poll as Cameron languishes

By Andrew Gimson
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UKIP has reached its highest level ever in an opinion poll: 20% in the Opinium/Observer poll. A ComRes poll for the Independent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror has UKIP on 19%, while ICM in the Sunday Telegraph puts the party on 15%.

The three established parties are all in the doldrums. Taking the three polls in the same order as I have used for UKIP, Labour is at 37%, 35% and 32%; the Conservatives at 27%, 29% and 29%; while the Lib Dems find themselves on 7%, 8% and 16%.

This is a bad time for the Tories to be preoccupied by the question of whether someone in the high command has referred to the party's footsoldiers as "swivel-eyed loons". Nor can Labour feel happy to be recording such modest leads over the Conservatives as 10%, 6% and a mere 3%.

According to ComRes, David Cameron's personal rating has fallen to a record low, with only 26% saying he is a good Prime Minister. The same poll puts Ed Miliband at a record high, with 31% saying he is a good leader of the Labour Party: still a somewhat modest score.

Nigel Farage can look with satisfaction on these figures. None of the other parties has yet worked out how to deal with UKIP's surge, or how to stop it from hoovering up support from voters fed up with conventional politics.


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