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Iain Dale is to write a weekly Friday diary for ConservativeHome

By Paul Goodman
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Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 05.44.11Iain was a third of what I will always think of as the original holy - or unholy - trinity of centre-right bloggers, the other two being Guido Fawkes and Tim Montgomerie of this parish.  (As Tim has written, he continues as an adviser and will write a weekly blog.)  Iain announces today in his blog that he will be writing a weekly Friday diary on ConservativeHome: Iain Dale's Friday Diary, to be precise.

Iain is a marvellously inventive political entrepreneur, and a real loss to Parliament.  But as he says, he has no formal affiliation with the Conservative Party any longer, and the man I first knew working backbreaking hours as David Davis's Chief of Staff has acquired a new breadth and wisdom in recent years, or so it seems to me.  What hasn't changed about him that he is a thoroughly decent man.  This is the key to Iain, and and it shines through in everything he does.

I'm sure it will also do so in his new diary, which "is intended to be a little satirical and humorous and will look at all aspects of politics".  I think ConservativeHome will be a natural home for Iain, though I'm mindful of his non-party political status. In one sense the move is a reunion - like two people who started a journey in each other's company, and then went their own way, meeting once again on the long and winding road.


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