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Lib Dems attack Maria Hutchings over her child's schooling

By Harry Phibbs
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The Mirror thinks it has a gafffe from the Conservative candidate in the Eastlegh byelection Maria Hutchings. It quotes her saying:

“William is very gifted which gives us another interesting challenge in finding the right sort of education for him – impossible in the state system. He wants to be a cardio-respiratory surgeon.”

The Lib Dems also think this is a gaffe and have rushed out this leaflet. However is the Lib Dem attack so smart? Their leader Nick Clegg says he may send his eldest son to an indepedent school. Why should he be able to exercise the choice and not Maria Hutchings?

Iain Dale points out that the child in question may well be autistic.

If so the view that existing state provision is inadequate is shared by the National Austic Society. That is why they are involved in helping to start specialist free schools for children with autism. That will provide a choice for parents who can't afford fees. Such as this one for Lambeth:


The Labour candidate in the byelection John O'Farrrell may be interested in this as he is a Lambeth resident. Does he welcome the new opportunity the free schools provide?


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