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David Cameron's good press - on the continent

By Harry Phibbs
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"Cameron and Merkel put the EU on a diet" - Le Figaro. "The British Prime Minister succeeds in imposing an austerity budget, with the support of the German Chancellor."

"Cameron’s masterstroke: One man can claim the credit: David Cameron…he returns to 10
Downing Street as the victor, to the frustration of the French and the
Italians....He is a real negotiator, with a lot, a lot of tenacity’ acknowledged a member of a delegation which fought step by step to contain his offensive."

“Francois Hollande gave ground to London and Berlin....On Friday, at the end of the European summit on the budget, the truth is cruelly apparent: France did not succeed in defending her positions in the face of the demands of David Cameron, supported by Angela Merkel."


    Der Standard: "Cameron returns home as the dragon slayer"


    Irish Times: "Fiscal cuts vindicate Cameron hard line"


Rzeczpospolita:  "Cameron wins. Poland does not lose... The summit is Cameron's success.  He led to a real cut in the EU expenditure which he believes is to a large extent a waste of money. Besides, no one dared to touch the British rebate."


    Svenska Dagensblad  ‘Cameron the biggest winner’


De Standaard ‘And the winner is...David Cameron’

L’Echo ‘A British Europ

De Tijd:‘Cameron puts Europe on a diet."

La Libre ‘Britain wins in the end’

Le Soir ‘Cameron the Conqueror as Austerity wins, Europe loses’


La Stampa ‘the term austerity, so far unknown, now is starting to do the rounds of the Brussels corridors.’


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