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Cameron won't say what he wants to renegotiate but The Sun claims to know...

By Tim Montgomerie
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Roger Scruton wants tighter border control from renegotiations.

50% of the British people also name immigration as one of top three powers that they want repatriated - according to a Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday.

Andrew Lilico has a longer list of repatriation hopes.

According to today's Sun David Cameron has five main ambitions.

Top5AimsThe Sun's David Wooding sets them out:

  1. "Power to deport criminals & terror suspects
  2. Lifting cap on working hours
  3. Claw back immigration & crime powers [which is essentially two ambitions]
  4. Tighten controls on cash given to poorer countries
  5. Scrap charter which can force changes to UK law".

If Cameron could repatriate those powers would you be happy?


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