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Ruth Davidson moves to distance Scotland's Conservatives from England's

By Paul Goodman
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Ruth DavidsonAfter David Cameron's speech on the EU comes one from Ruth Davidson today on her party and Scotland, according to the Daily Telegraph.  She will say:

“Uncomfortable though it may be to admit, too many of our fellow Scots whose values we share simply don’t trust our motives.

“When it comes to Westminster elections, they see us as London’s party in Scotland not Scotland’s party in London. When it comes to elections to the Scottish Parliament, they want to vote for a party that will put Scotland first, and too few truly believe that of us.”

She will conclude: “We need to prove to them beyond all reasonable doubt we do indeed put Scotland first, and that we are single-mindedly determined to do so in the future.”

The paper also reports that David Cameron backs the formation of a new constitutional convention if Scots reject independence rather than further “bilateral devolution”.

Ms Davidson, however, is considering setting up a new commission to examine the devolution of more powers to the Scottish Parliament.

As the Telegraph points out, polling show support in Scotland for devolving more financial powers, - which would allow the Scottish Conservatives to promise tax cuts at future Holyrood elections.

With the apparent collapse of the boundary review (a Commons vote is due next week), righting the wrongs wrought by Tony Blair's unbalanced devolution settlement is more urgent than ever.

Tim and I have both argued that correcting the balance is integral to delivering electoral justice across the UK.  ConservativeHome return to the subject soon.


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