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An All-Women Cabinet of Conservative MPs

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By Paul Goodman
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It is possible to imagine a Conservative Cabinet consisting only of men.  Come to think of it, the present one has more male Liberal Democrat MPs than female Conservative ones.

But is it possible to imagine the present Parliamentary Party furnishing an all-women Cabinet?

I have had a go, have come up with the following, and expect no-one to agree with it (least of all women Tory MPs for whom there wasn't room).

Theresa May - Prime Minister

Theresa Villiers - Foreign Secretary

Priti Patel - Home Secretary

Elizabeth Truss - Chancellor of the Exchequer

Maria Miller - Leader of the Commons

Sayeeda Warsi - Leader of the Lords

Margot James - Business Secretary

Penny Mourdaunt - Defence Secretary

Anna Soubry - Justice Secretary

Ann Milton - Health Secretary

Charlotte Leslie - Education Secretary

Karen Bradley - Work and Pensions Secretary

Anne McIntosh - Environment Secretary

Sarah Newton - Communities Secretary

Angie Bray - Culture Secretary

Amber Rudd - Transport Secretary

Justine Greening - Climate Change Secretary

Eleanor Laing - Scottish Secretary

Esther McVey - Welsh Secretary

Pauline Neville-Jones - Northern Ireland Secretary

Nicola Blackwood - International Development Secretary

Dr Therese Coffey - Minister for Europe

Tracey Crouch - Chief Whip

Lorraine Fullbrook - Minister without Porfolio (Party Chairman)

Cheryl Gillan - Minister without Portfolio

Andrea Leadsom - Financial Secretary to the Treasury

Laura Sandys - Cabinet Office (Lady Privy Seal)

Nicky Mogan - Cabinet Office (Paymistress General)

Helen Grant - Attorney-General

  • My selection has something to do with seniority, something to do with fitting Ministers to posts in which they have an interest (i.e: Penny Mordaunt at Defence), and something to do with my own bias.  You will have your own.
  • I have listed full members of the Cabinet alongside those who are simply "entitled to attend".  The total comes to 30 which is much the same as the real number of 32.
  • Laura Sandys once told me correctly that government in general is bad at strategic planning, so she can have a go at being Oliver Letwin.  To Nicky Morgan falls the Maude-like task of slimming down the civil service and quangocracy.
  • Cheryl Gillan has been brought back to bring a bit of experience to an inexperienced Cabinet.  Pauline Neville-Jones is there to terrify Northern Ireland into tranquility.
  • It goes almost without saying that all this is not to say what a future Cabinet either will or should look like - but, rather, a way of making the point that in future there will be more Tory women Ministers, and there is more than enough talent to appoint on merit.

There are roughly four rows in Carla Millar's brilliant illustration - some seated at the Cabinet table, some standing round it - and below are members of this Cabinet, each with a number.  A version of Carla's picture with matching numbers stands to its right.

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 21.44.141.   Angie Bray
2.   Lorraine Fullbrook
3.   Nicola Blackwood
4.   Ann Milton
5.   Nicky Morgan
6.   Anne McIntosh
7.   Maria Miller
8.   Esther McVey
9.   Charlotte Leslie 
10. Tracey Crouch
11. Dr. Therese Coffey 
12. Sarah Newton
13. Justine Greening
14. Theresa May
15. Karen Bradley 
16. Cheryl Gillan 
17. Andrea Leadsom
18. Margot James
19.  Elizabeth Truss
20. Sayeeda Warsi
21. Eleanor Laing
22. Amber Rudd
23. Priti Patel 
24. Laura Sandys
25. Pauline Neville-Jones
26. Helen Grant
27. Theresa Villiers
28. Anna Soubry
29. Penny Mordaunt


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