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Is Boris the Kevin Pietersen of politics?

By Tim Montgomerie
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Picture from KP's Twitter account.

This from James Crabtree in the FT (£):

"At first glance the hefty, Eton-educated politician would seem to have little in common with the prickly South African-born England cricket star, currently midway through a tour of the subcontinent. Yet, look more closely, and the parallels are striking. Both have huge egos, a function of the undeniable skills each brings to his respective field. Neither are what you would describe as team players, while both also have a knack of irking their captains: Mr Johnson’s antics drive Mr Cameron to distraction, while Pietersen was recently suspended for disloyalty. The chastened cricketer is now being “reintegrated” into his team and scored a match-winning innings in the last Test match. But there the similarities must end – at least until Mr Johnson has a crack at the captaincy himself."

To be continued...


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