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Grant Shapps "categorically" rules out a pact with UKIP

By Matthew Barrett
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SHAPPS NEWFollowing on from Michael Fabricant MP's suggestion that a pact with UKIP could win the Conservatives seats at the next election, CCHQ and Grant Shapps have been quick to rule out the prospect of such a deal.

Firstly, a CCHQ statement said:

"Michael Fabricant does a great job campaigning in by-elections but he doesn't speak for the party on this issue. The safest way to protect Britain's interest in Europe is to vote Conservative. That's why we'll have Conservative candidates in every seat at the next election."

Then Grant Shapps, the Party Chairman said on the World At One:

"I can categorically rule out any form of electoral pact with UKIP or anyone else"

Boris Johnson has also helpfully (meant without irony for once) chipped in, saying:

"Voters have had enough of pacts and coalitions... what they want is to see parties standing up individually for what they believe in and campaigning fiercely for their vote at the next general election, and that's what the Conservatives are going to do."


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