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Departmental budgets are coming down: 5) CLG spending. Eric Pickles wins the golden axe award

By Paul Goodman
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Harry Phibbs wrote about Eric Pickles's record this morning.  CLG spending is counted under two headings - CLG Local Government and CLG Communities.

The former, the larger of the two budgets, has risen by about a £1 billion, and is slightly south of £27 billion.  Figures for the latter come in as follows:

2010 - 2011 Outturn: £10,348,900 b

2011 - 2012 Outturn: £5,566,000 b

Pickles has thus cut almost half CLG's non-Local Government spending in his department.  He thus tops the league table and scoops this website's golden axe award.

"Unprecedented reductions in spending on public services" - Paul Johnson, Institute of Fiscal Studies.


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