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Corby and Police Commissioner elections rolling blog

By Harry Phibbs
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7.00pm I'm signing off now. (Sorry Devon and Cornwall.)

With 40 out of the 41 PCC results declared, the Conservatives have 15 police commissioners, Labour 13 and independent candidates 12. Considering that Boris Johnson already has responsibility for policing in London and that many of the independents have Conservative views (Kevin Hurley in Surrey, Simon Hayes in Hampshire) it has been a good day for the Conservatives, for democracy and for policing. That will be the lasting significance long after the dreary media fixation with the low turnout is forgotten.

Obviously the event of the day was the magnificent defeat of Lord Prescott. The BBC have been anxious to ignore it. I'm not sure the press will be quite so discreet.

6.48pm Independent candidate Sue Mountstevens has won Avon and Somerset.

A Labour candidate has been elected as PCC for West Yorkshire, as expected.

Independent candidate Stephen Bett elected as PCC for Norfolk.

Congratulations to Conservative candidate John Dwyer on being elected PCC for Cheshire. This was a key Labour target.

6.09pm Independent candidate Alan Hardwick elected PCC for Lincolnshire


(First Count)
John Prescott (Lab) 33,282 (24.88%)
Matthew Grove (C) 29,440 (22.01%)
Paul Davison (Ind) 28,807 (21.54%)
Godfrey Bloom (Ukip) 21,484 (16.06%)
Simone Butterworth (LD) 11,655 (8.71%)
Walter Sweeney (Ind) 5,118 (3.83%)
Neil Eyre (Ind) 3,976 (2.97%)
Eliminated: Godfrey Bloom, Simone Butterworth, Paul Davison, Neil
Eyre, Walter Sweeney
(Second Count)
Distribution of Bloom's, Butterworth's, Davison's, Eyre's and Sweeney's votes
John Prescott (Lab) 39,933
Matthew Grove (C) 42,164
Elected: Matthew Grove

5.55pm Congratulations to Kevin Hurley, who stood as an independent and has been elected PCC for Surrey on a zero tolerance platform. He was Borough Commander for Hammersmith and Fulham and I am sure will do an excellent job.

Congratulations to Conservative candidate Sir Graham Bright on his election as PCC for Cambridgeshire.

5.25pm Congratulations to Conservative candidate Matthew Grove on being elected as the PCC for Humberside. Lord Prescott defeated in the most dramatic result of the day - although I had written about possibility of an upset it is a stunning victory for Mr Grove.

It is as clear as crystal from Bridlington to Bristol that Labour are not getting quite the results they had hoped for today.

An independent candidate Ann Barnes has been elected PCC for Kent.

5.20pm Labour's Paddy Tipping elected PCC for Nottinghamshire.

5.15pm Congratulations to the Conservative candidate Adam Simmonds who has been elected PCC for Northamptonshire. Labour's candidate was found to be ineligible but they were still hoping he would win and thus force a byelection.

5.10pm Could Conservatives be poised for their equivalent of the Portillo moment, that gave Labour supporters such ecstasy in 1997? Lots of tweets from the Humberside PCC count in Bridlington suggesting Lord Prescott is falling behind.

4.55pm Alun Michael, former Welsh Secretary, elected for Labour as PCC for South Wales.

4.53pm Labour candidate elected PCC for Derbyshire as expected.

4.45pm Independent candidate Simon Hayes has been elected the PCC for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight defeating Michael Mates.

4.35pm Congratulations to Conservative candidate Katy Bourne who has been elected the PCC for Sussex.

4.18pm Congratulations to Conservative candidate Matthew Ellis on being elected PCC for Staffordshire. This was a Labour target.

Independent candidate Martin Surl has been elected for Gloucestershire.

4.14pm Congratulations to Conservative candidate Anthony Stansfield who has been elected PCC for Thames Valley.

Independent candidate Bill Longmore has been elected PCC for West Mercia.

4.03pm Independent candidate Ron Ball elected as PCC for Warwickshire.

4.00pm With 26 PCC results in UKIP are still ahead of the Lib Dems - 278,170 votes to 245,698 - remember neither party put up a full slate of candidates.

3.56pm Congratulations to the Conservative candidate Richard Rhodes on his election as PCC for Cumbria - this was very much a Labour target.

3.53pm Labour's swing of 13% in Corby in line with Lord Ashcroft's polling.

3.41pm Independent candidate George Ferguson has been elected the Mayor of Bristol.

3.36pm UKIP are ahead of the Lib Dems in the PCC elections so far (94,186 votes to 70,214) as well as beating them in the Corby byelection. The UKIP candidate is through to the second round in the Cambridgeshire PCC election.

3.29pm The Corby byelection result was Labour 17,267 votes, Conservative 9,476 votes, UK Independence Party 5,108 votes, Liberal Democrats 1,770 votes, British National Party 614 votes, Green Party 378 votes. Labour majority 7,791.

3.22pm Labour have gained Corby and East Northamptonshire byelection. Andy Sawford is the new MP.

Grant Shapps says that to have matched the Conservatives byelection result at Crewe Labour would have had a majority of 11,000 rather than under 7,800.

3.10pm Labour have won Lancashire (which was expected) and also apparently Bedfordshire - which was expected to go to the Conservatives.

3.00pm Labour candidate Barry Coppinger elected PCC for Cleveland

2.52pm The most disappointing result so far is the defeat of the excellent Conservative candidate Nick King in Dorset. Mr King is a reformist - the independent elected is a former Police Federation rep.

2.48pm Congratulations to Conservative candidate Tim Passmore who has been elected the PCC for Suffolk.

2.47pm Labour candidate Bob Jones elected PCC for West Midlands.

2.39pm An independent candidate, Ian Johnston, elected in Gwent. Labour are not doing well in Wales.

2.35pm Congratulations to Conservative candidate Nick Alston elected PCC for Essex as expected.

2.32pm Congratulations to Conservative candidate David Lloyd elected PCC for Hertfordshire as expected.

2.30pm Congratulations to Conservative candidate Clive Loader elected PCC for Leicestershire. This was a Labour target. 

2.21pm Independent candidate Winston Roddick elected as PCC for North Wales. This is an area where Labour were ahead at the General Election.

Another independent Martyn Underhill elected in Dorset which is usually strong Conservative territory.

2.17pm Labour candidate Ron Hogg elected PCC for Durham. Labour's Shaun Wright elected PCC for South Yorkshire. Both expected.

2.15pm David Cameron says PCCs have greater legitimacy than the Police Authorities which "weren't elected at all." However Tory MP Conor Burns says he suspects "we will live to regret" creating them and that he regrets voting for them.

David Cameron expects "classic mid-term election result" in Crosby.

2.00pm Congratulations to Conservative candidate Julia Mulligan who has been elected for North Yorkshire.

1.50pm Increasing speculation that Lord Prescott will lose. Michael Crick tweets:

Prescott gets only just over a third of first prefs in City of Hull, which should be his territory.

Labour candidates easily elected in both Merseyside and Northumbria - as expected.

1.45pm Suggestions that UKIP will beat the Lib Dems in Corby into third place. Also that Labour claiming to expect a majority of 4,000 was spin - will be higher.

1.30pm In Bedfordshire the first preferences results are Lab 27,947, Conservatives 26,226, Lib Dem 11,205, English Defence League 8,675, Ind 876. Warnings against having elections on the grounds that extremists would win do not seem to have been realised.

Grant Shapps says:

About 5,000,000 people voted in the PCC elections. We'd love a higher turnout but that's more legitimate than any police authority.

Lord Prescott tells the media:

Bugger off.

1.20pm According to Andrew Sparrow at The Guardian an indepndent candidate is ahead in North Wales - but that contrary to earlier reports Labour are ahead in the West Midlands.

Independents doing well in Gloucestershire and Kent.

1.10pm Suffolk is to go to a second count with the Labour and Conservative candidates very close. This is a seat the Conservatives should win - our candidate Tim Passmore will be hoping for most of the second preferences of UKIP voters and supporters of the independent candidate David Cocks.

1.00pm My man in Humberside says the independent Paul Davidson has polled better in Labour areas than Conservative ones. Still hoping that Matthew Grove for the Conservatives will win.

Cornwall turnout 15.47%.

Reports that an independent candidate, Martyn Underhill, was ahead in Dorset on the first count.

12.50pm A real result. The Conservative candidate Christopher Salmon has been elected for Dyfed-Powys on the first count. This is a fantastic result in an area where Labour were expected to win according to the Police Foundation analysis.

12.45pm The election for the Mayor of Bristol has gone to a second round.The independent George Ferguson is on 33,231 first preferences to Labour's Marvin Rees 25,896. Can't see Labour picking up too many second preferences from Conservative voters, can you?

12.40pm Reports of a tight result for the West Midlands PCC election with the Conservatives ahead on the first ballot. This is an area where Labour were ahead at the General Election. Suggestions that the Conservatives might lose West Mercia to an independent and also that Lord Prescott is in serious trouble in Humberside - although he may be defeated by an independent, Paul Davidson, rather than Matthew Grove for the Conservatives.

12.15pm. The Council byelection sound as though they are pretty good for the Conservatives this week - including a gain in Scotland. I will list the results in the local government section when I have the full list.

Norfolk PCC turnout 15%.

11.45am Northumbria turnout 16.8%. Lancashire 15.5%.

11.35am Bedfordshire turnout 18.9%. Thames Valley 13.3%. Leicestershire and Rutland 16.36%. Suffolk 16%.

11.30am Speculation that Labour will have a majority in Corby of around 4,000. Anthony Wells says that would be a 7.4% swing on the last election. Much in line with opinion polls.

11.10am More turnout figures. North Wales 15.24%. Gloucestershire 17.1%. Cheshire 14.8%. Sussex 16.82%. West Yorkshire 13.78%.

11.00am Interesting tweet from Andrew Allison suggesting John Prescott might be in trouble due to a lower turnout in Labour areas than Conservative ones:

PCC Elections Turnout: 15.65% in Hull. 16.18% in NE Lincs. 20.4% in N Lincs. 23.19% in E Yorks. Bad news for John Prescott.

10.55am Hartlepool has voted to abolish its system of a directly elected Mayor. In a referendum 59% backed abolition.The Mayor Stuart Drummond was first elected in 2002 when he dressed as a monkey.

10.45am More turnout figures.13% Merseyside. Cumbria 16.38%. Essex 13.06%.Cleveland 15.12%.

10.30am Speculation that an independent candidate, George Ferguson, will be elected Mayor of Bristol. (I wrote about him as "one to watch" here.)There was an "exit poll" from the This is Bristol website putting him ahead - however the poll was a plucky amateur effort simply involving asking 100 voters at four polling stations who they voted for. I hope the Conservative candidate Geoff Gollop does better than the 2% they have put him on!

10.20am Lots of turnout figures coming through from the PCC elections. Greater Manchester 13.46%. North Devon 15.2%. Avon and Somerset 19.5%. Humberside 19.48%.

10.00am Congratulations to Angus Macpherson on a thumping majority in Wiltshire. However Labour may take encouragement that they closed the gap on the General Election results for that area. The Police Foundation analysis had the Conservative share at 47% to Labour's 15%. The Lib Dems share at the General Election was 30% - so their support has collapsed and they have fallen from a notional second place to fourth place.

9.30am So far we just have the two byelection results and the Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner election from overnight. Will Labour say that Lucy Powell's election as an MP in Manchester Central lacks legitimacy as the turnout was only 18%?

The results are as follows:

Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner election
Angus Macpherson (C) 28,558 (36.24%), Clare Moody (Lab) 16,198 (20.56%), Colin Skelton (Ind) 11,446 (14.53%), Paul Batchelor (LD) 10,130 (12.86%), John Short (Ukip) 7,250 (9.20%), Liam Silcocks (Ind) 5,212 (6.61%)

Eliminated: Paul Batchelor, John Short, Liam Silcocks, Colin Skelton

Second Count

Distribution of Batchelor's, Short's, Silcocks's and Skelton's votes:

Angus Macpherson (C) 35,319, Clare Moody (Lab) 21,157

Elected: Angus Macpherson. Conservative.

Electorate 514,855; Turnout 78,794 (15.30%)

Manchester Central byelection.
Lucy Powell (Lab) 11,507 (69.12%, +16.38%), Marc Ramsbottom (LD) 1,571 (9.44%, -17.16%) Matthew Sephton (C) 754 (4.53%, -7.25%), Chris Cassidy (UKIP) 749 (4.50%, +2.98%), Tom Dylan (Green) 652 (3.92%, +1.62%), Eddy O'Sullivan (BNP) 492 (2.96%, -1.14%), Loz Kaye (Pirate) 308 (1.85%), Alex Davidson (TUSC) 220 (1.32%), Catherine Higgins (Respect) 182 (1.09%) Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 78 (0.47%), Lee Holmes (People's Dem) 71 (0.43%), Peter Clifford (Comm Lge) 64 (0.38%)

Lab hold. Lab maj 9,936 (59.68%) 16.77% swing LD to Lab

Electorate 91,692; Turnout 16,648 (18.16%, -26.15%)

Cardiff South & Penarth

Stephen Doughty (Lab) 9,193 (47.30%, +8.39%), Craig Williams (C) 3,859 (19.85%, -8.44%) Bablin Molik (LD) 2,103 (10.82%, -11.44%), Luke Nicholas (PC) 1,854 (9.54%, +5.37%) Simon Zeigler (UKIP) 1,179 (6.07%, +3.49%), Anthony Slaughter (Green) 800 (4.12%, +2.87%) Andrew Jordan (Soc Lab) 235 (1.21%), Robert Griffiths (Comm) 213 (1.10%, +0.65%)

Lab hold. Lab maj 5,334 (27.44%) 8.41% swing C to Lab

Electorate 75,764; Turnout 19,436 (25.65%, -34.55%)


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