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Osborne and Davey both claim victory over green power deal. Green groups attack it.

By Paul Goodman
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  • Screen shot 2012-11-23 at 07.30.11Householders and business pay £2.35 billion per year towards the costs of green power.
  • Under the deal agreed by George Osborne and Ed Davey, this will rise to £7.6billion a year by 2020.
  • Energy bills have more than doubled since 2004 to more than £1,300 a year per household.
  • They will rise under the deal over the next two decades by an estimated £178 a year.
  • The contribution to nuclear and renewables making up £95 by 2020.

These are the headline points for consumers  in the Daily Telegraph's front page account of the Osborne/Davey agreement.

Then there is the question of which Cabinet Minister got his way, after negotiations between the two that have stretched for weeks.

  • "Lib Dem sources said that the party was “extremely pleased” to have won support for the reforms that would mean more wind farms and nuclear power stations were built."
  • "Conservative sources were claiming the compromise deal was a victory for Mr Osborne, after he secured concessions limiting the level of taxpayer cash spent on green energy in the long term."

The Chancellor apparently "threw out Lib Dem demands for a target that would have forced Britain to get all its power from green sources by 2030".  Treasury spin?

Well, Andy Atkins of Friends of the Earth says that the deal “banged the final nail in the coffin of [David] Cameron’s pledge to lead the greenest government ever”.  So judge for yourself.


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