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Tories unveil Party Conference slogan...

By Tim Montgomerie
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After Andrew Mitchell overshadowed the Lib Dem conference rumours that Conservative strategists were going to ask William Hague to head butt a nurse in order to upstage Ed Miliband's big speech have proven to be unfounded!

The best I can offer is the slogan for next week's Tory Conference...

Drum roll please....

It's "Britain can deliver".

Party sources tell me that the slogan aims to capture the sense that Britain under the Coalition government is making real progress. Not just in terms of reducing the deficit by a quarter but also making long-term reforms that will serve the country's future competitiveness. Key achievements that will be spotlighted include the progressive lowering of corporation tax and pensions reform as well as the flagship changes to welfare and schools made by IDS and Michael Gove.

There'll be an Olympics sub-text to the Conference. The PM and ministers will argue that London 2012 was concrete proof that Britain can still do great things and even greater things lie ahead.

Labour will be presented as yesterday's party tied to yesterday's solutions - still wedded to an outdated and now impossible belief that higher taxes and higher spending can solve every problem.

> Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Gove are some of the stars in ConHome's fringe programme.


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