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Tory members give their overall verdict on the reshuffle

By Tim Montgomerie
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I've already published some of the results of our reshuffle reactions poll - your task list for Grant Shapps and your sense that the PM is getting ready to U-turn on Heathrow. Here are the results of the other questions:

Agree / disagree


67% / 10%    Grant Shapps will be a good Conservative Party Chairman

47% / 15%    Andrew Mitchell will be a good Chief Whip

35% / 39%    Jeremy Hunt will be a good Health Secretary

62% / 32%    Ken Clarke is a good media performer and I am glad that his voice will still be heard in Cabinet

Osborne April 2012THE NON-MOVERS

46% / 42%    It was right for George Osborne to remain as Chancellor

85% / 11%    It was right for William Hague to remain as Foreign Secretary

58% / 31%    It was right for Theresa May to remain as Home Secretary

91% / 6%      It was right for Iain Duncan Smith to remain as Work and Pensions Secretary


60% / 17%    This was a clever reshuffle which has put effective MPs, like Greg Clark, Michael Fallon and Liz Truss into departments where more economic activity is needed

56% / 14%    One of the best appointments was the appointment of Paul Deighton, the man behind the organisation of the Olympics, to a job focusing on economic delivery

52% / 30%    The reshuffle suggests that David Cameron is focused on economic growth and overcoming Whitehall inertia

68% / 14%    Justine Greening lost her job as Transport Secretary because the leadership is getting ready to U-turn on its policy towards a third runway at Heathrow


53% / 28%    By putting David Laws into the Department of Education, Nick Clegg is trying to control Michael Gove

68% / 15%    It is good news that the Liberal Democrats have been removed from the Ministry of Defence.


82% / 9%      Chris Grayling will be closer to public opinion on prisons and human rights policy than Ken Clarke

74% / 9%      The promotions for Chris Grayling, Owen Paterson and Theresa Villiers mean Eurosceptics are better represented in the Cabinet

19% / 74%    I am worried that there are not enough women in the Cabinet

63% / 30%    David Cameron should have given ministerial jobs to David Davis and John Redwood


82% / 12%    It was irresponsible of Sayeeda Warsi to leak her removal from the Chairman's office to a left-wing journalist

Laws David DP50% / 43%    David Laws should not have returned to Government given his misuse of parliamentary expenses

63% / 28%    It was an inappropriate use of the honours system for David Cameron to give knighthoods to some of the ministers he sacked

20% / 64%    There was too much change in this reshuffle and we now have too many inexperienced ministers


90% / 5%      The reshuffle doesn't alter the fact that Cameron, Clegg and Osborne will still take all the big decisions

71% / 18%    Because of the constraints of the Coalition the reshuffle won't make a big difference to the direction of the Government

41% / 43%    By removing 29 MPs and Whips, David Cameron proved he has a tough streak


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