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BORIS MOMENT OF THE DAY: The London Mayor gets stuck on a zip wire

By Peter Hoskin
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BorisThe wires are all aflutter with the news that Boris Johnson — ConservativeHome readers' choice to be the next Tory leader — got stuck on a zip line while descending into an event at Victoria Park. The photo to the right, courtesy of BT London Live, seems to be the first one that hit Twitter.

ITV have further images and details here, including that Boris shouted "Get me a rope, get me a ladder!" before being safely transported to ground. We shall, of course endeavour to bring you more on this important, developing story. But, in the meantime, a quick and thoroughly unscientific survey question: does this make you want him as leader less, or more?

2.45pm update: ITV now has video footage on their website.

3pm update: We now have footage here.


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