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When should the Coalition end?

By Tim Montgomerie
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I'm waiting for a 9pm dinner appointment. 9pm!

While I wait a very quick other finding from the latest ConHome poll. You've had the Cabinet rankings and the much-reported poll on Boris as favourite to be next Tory leader. Here are your answers to when the Coalition should end...

  • As soon as possibly, ideally this year - 20%
  • It should end in 2013 - 9%
  • It should end in 2014 – 10%
  • It should stop shortly before the 2015 general election so the parties can set out their different plans – 41%
  • It should continue right up to the 2015 general election – 19%
  • It should continue beyond the 2015 general election – 1%

For the record I'm with the 41%. Now I'm off to eat...


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