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What do you think of these 23 ideas to win the next election?

By Tim Montgomerie
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The latest ConservativeHome survey is live. I'm grateful to readers on Twitter for helping me put together a list of changes / achievements that could help the party win the next election. I decided not to test putting George Osborne in an acid bath and pushing the Cabinet off a cliff. Twitter can be an ugly place.

  1. A change of Labour leader from Ed Miliband to someone like Yvette Cooper
  2. Signs of reasonable economic recovery
  3. A pact with UKIP that avoids the two parties standing against each other in marginal seats
  4. A pact with the Liberal Democrats that avoids the two parties standing against each other in marginal seats
  5. A bankable promise to deliver an EU referendum
  6. Stronger policies on crime and immigration
  7. A new party leader like Boris Johnson
  8. A new party leader like William Hague
  9. Replacing George Osborne with a potentially more popular Chancellor
  10. A plan to cut taxes and energy bills for ordinary families
  11. A strong commitment to protect the NHS
  12. A new consumer agenda that reduces the power of big banks, energy companies and supermarkets
  13. Dropping controversial policies like House of Lords reform and gay marriage
  14. Greater party unity and loyalty to David Cameron
  15. More northern and working class candidates with experience of life beyond politics
  16. Replacement of the Human Rights Act
  17. Sustained attacks on Ed Miliband and Ed Balls
  18. A housebuilding policy for young people
  19. A successful debt reduction policy
  20. Some devolution to England
  21. End of the Barnett formula that favours Scotland in distribution of public funding
  22. Withdraw all troops from Afghanistan
  23. Cut foreign aid and spend the savings on Britain's poorest pensioners

What you need to do please is click here and rate the potency of these factors and also answer some other questions on Cabinet and Coalition performance.


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