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Welcoming Pete Hoskin to the ConservativeHome team

By Tim Montgomerie
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Hoskin PeteI'm delighted to welcome Pete Hoskin to ConservativeHome. Pete is joining the team on a part-time basis. He'll be editing the site twice a week and will also be writing a weekly column. He kicks off today by introducing the idea of Robin Hood Conservatism. Pete believes that Ed Balls is wrong to see the scourge of the Sheriff of Nottingham as a left-wing hero. Pete makes the case that Robin Hood could, amongst other things, "be our most famous low-tax campaigner".

Many of you will know Pete from The Spectator's Coffee House. He was there for four-and-a-half years. Before that he was at the Reform think tank. He is now working as a freelance journalist and will be writing for various platforms, including ConHome. He has previously written for The Times (£), Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph and has even profiled a certain blogger for Tatler. As well as an enthusiast for films, music, books and Manchester United his political interests include welfare, the economy, conservation, localism and the small platoons of what David Cameron would call the Big Society.

One of the reasons we recruited Bruce Anderson to our pages was to broaden the ConHome offering. It's fair to say that Pete is on some subjects closer to the Orange Book tendency of the Liberal Democrats than to some on the Tory Right. I hope you will enjoy his writing. I'm confident you will.

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