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66% of Tory members agree with Cameron on timing of referendum. 77% agree with Liam Fox on timing of renegotiations.

By Tim Montgomerie
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Thanks to all those readers who completed yesterday's survey on Europe. There is a brief report on the results in today's Times (£) but I'll be publishing the full findings on ToryDiary today.

The overall message of the survey was that party members thought that Cameron had just about got the right position on a referendum. 66%, for example, agreed that "the best time for a referendum is (1) after the other EU nations have decided upon their new arrangements and (2) after Britain has attempted to renegotiate (successfully or unsuccessfully) our own terms of membership." 28% disagreed.

There was also a lot of support for Dr Liam Fox's view that we should get on with negotiations as soon as possible. 77% agreed with his argument and just 19% disagreed.

The other agree/ disagree results are published below:

  • 95% agreed that "There is too much Europe at present; too much cost; too much bureaucracy; too much meddling in issues that belong to nation states or civic society or individuals." 5% disagreed with this statement from David Cameron's Sunday Telegraph article.
  • 89% agreed that "The British people only ever agreed to join a free trade area. We have never given our consent to be part of what Europe has become." 9% disagreed.
  • 83% agreed that "For 20 years we have been told that we are winning the arguments on Europe and that it is coming in our direction. It is NOT true." 13% agreed with this statement from Liam Fox's speech.
  • 66% agreed with "The Government should place on the Statute Book - BEFORE the next General Election - a commitment to hold a referendum during the next Parliament on Britain's relationship with the European Union." 26% disagreed with this demand from 100 Tory MPs.
  • 55% agreed that "David Cameron has lost control of the debate inside the Conservative Party and Eurosceptic Tory MPs are now setting the pace." 32% disagreed.
  • 46% agreed "We should hold a referendum on Europe on the same day as the next General Election and kill UKIP's support in the process." 41% disagreed with this idea first revealed on ConHome in March and reported by the Daily Mail on Monday.
  • 45% agreed that "The majority of the British people would prefer to improve our relationship with the EU rather than leave". 39% disagree. I'm with the 45%.

More results from the survey later.


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