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36% of Tory members agree that Cameron is a vote winner. 43% do not.

By Tim Montgomerie
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In the latest ConservativeHome survey we asked Tory members whether they agreed or disagreed with certain statements about David Cameron. The results are published below. It is perhaps unsurprising that David Cameron is seen by 87% of party members as a good family man. By 86% to 7% he's also seen as a better party leader than Messrs Clegg or Miliband. He also scores highly for optimism and for the way he represents Britain on the world stage.

I can't say I'm surprised at some of the most negative ratings either. 86% think he's surrounded himself with too many chums. 65% think he prefers the political company of Nick Clegg to the Tory Right. Only 19% think he has a plan to win the next election.

Some of the more interesting numbers come in the middle of the table. The idea that he's too posh is largely rejected by party members. Only 23% agree with Nadine Dorries' central critique. More people, however, agree with the subtext of her concern. 75% fear Mr Cameron has spent too little time outside of politics. This has always been Paul Goodman's worry. He has argued that Cameron's problem is not that he's upper class but political class. In a contest with Clegg and Miliband, however, voters can only vote for the political class. Connected to this finding is the 50% of grassroots members who think Cameron has no vision for the country and is only interested in being Prime Minister (just 38% disagree).

Surprisingly (in my opinion) more Tory members disagree (43%) with the idea that Cameron is a vote winner than agree (36%). The poll was taken before the PM's intervention on an EU referendum. That might have tipped the result slightly.


1,742 Tory members took part in the poll on 28th to 30th June 2012.


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