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Sunday Express reports biggest gap between Labour and the Conservatives for a decade

By Paul Goodman
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The poll is by Angus Reid, and the headline numbers are:

Labour: 43%

Conservatives: 29%

Liberal Democrats and UKIP: 9% each

The Sunday Express reports that

"The gap between Labour and the Conservatives is now wider than at any time since December 2002, when former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith faced the on-going popularity of a pre-war Tony Blair."

Angus Reid weren't polling in 2002; ICM found the Tories then at 27%.

It's worth noting that other pollsters are not necessarily telling the same story.  For example, YouGov recently also found Labour on 43% but measured Conservative support five points higher at 34%.

The poll also found:
  • Only one in five voters (21 per cent) were confident Britain would pull out of the recession and see its economic prospects improve over  the next 12 months.
  • 44 per cent of voters want to see a EU Referendum Bill to be introduced in this Parliament.  22 per cent oppose the idea while 34 per cent don't know.
  • Roughly one in three of those polled, 35 per cent, want to see all UK voters balloted in the 2014 referendum.  However, 41 per cent said that it should be a decision for the Scottish people alone, with 24 per cent unsure.


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