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Andrew Mitchell unveils new logo so all DfID projects will carry the reminder that aid is "from the British people"

By Matthew Barrett
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Appearing on the Andrew Marr show this morning, the Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell, unveiled the new logo which will appear on British overseas aid projects. 

NewUKaidlogoMr Mitchell told Marr:

"I think it's important that all around the world where British aid is saving lives and transforming lives that the British public, the British taxpayer gets the credit for this - there was a previous logo* which cost £100,000 to develop, which said "aid from the Department for International Development" - we're replacing this at no cost, with a flag that is identifiable all around the world to everybody, and which says "aid from the British people", which is what it is, and it's going to enable us also to take the credit for these remarkable results which we are achieving around the world"

Mr Mitchell added:

"It's making sure that people who are in the poorest parts of the world, whose lives are being changed and transformed know that this is Britain standing by its commitments and delivering"

Mitchell Marr 2012On that topic - standing by the Government's commitment to aid - Mr Mitchell rejected the notion that the Government might not follow through with its promise to make aid spending equal to 0.7% of GDP:

"It will be put into law, the Prime Minister and I have made it clear that the bill is ready to proceed and it will proceed when the business managers say. The critical thing is that we stand by our commitments, the law will come, but in the end declaratory legislation should take second preference to the legislation which is being passed which is vital for our future economic prosperity."

Finally, Mr Mitchell explained Britain's aid commitments in terms of an investment for British taxpayers:

"For under 1% of Gross National Income, this is a tremendous investment - not only in the future stability and prosperity of some of the poorest and most dysfunctional parts of the world, it’s an investment for Britain in Britain’s future prosperity and stability and security. A lot of people are worried that the next generation will not be able to do as well, prosper in the way that our generation, previous generations have done. The development budget is an investment in our children and our grandchildren’s future prosperity stability and security too."

* The old logo which dates from 2008, was created using focus groups, "project discovery", and "brand expression", remarkably cost Labour £98,000:



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