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Where Tory members most agree with all voters (and where they most disagree)

By Tim Montgomerie
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Earlier in the week ConservativeHome published an Alternative Queen's Speech that was written by a number of Conservative MPs. ConHome tested key ideas from the AQS with party members while The Sun did the same (via YouGov) with all voters. We both also tested a few draft government ideas (and these are coloured green in the list below).

I thought it would be interesting to note where party members most differed from all voters.

The list below shows that the greatest differences come in the use of competition and selection in education and also in varying public sector pay rates.

Members and voters are most agreed on crime, fuel duty, cancelling HS2 and with regard to overseas aid.

With some policies there are big differences but the policies can still be popular. Tory members, for example, are much more enthusiastic about new strike laws, English votes for English Laws and also a referendum on the EU. Despite the differences all three measures are supported by a majority of voters.


Tory members agreeing (in answer to ConHome survey) / All voters agreeing (in answer to Sun/ YouGov poll).

  • 69%/22% - DIFFERENCE 47% - Private companies should be allowed to establish and run schools providing they reinvest in the school a certain percentage of any profits
  • 90%/46% - DIFFERENCE 44% - Existing grammar schools should able to expand more easily and open in new neighbourhoods
  • 91%/51% - DIFFERENCE 40% - An Electoral Integrity Bill that will tackle postal ballot fraud
  • 68%/29% - DIFFERENCE 39% - Regional public sector pay should be set so that people in high cost areas like London get paid more than in lower cost areas like Liverpool
  • 87%/53% - DIFFERENCE 34% - New strike laws to require 50% of union members to participates in a ballot to make it binding
  • 87%/56% - DIFFERENCE 31% - English votes for English laws so that no Scottish or Welsh MP can vote on legislation that only affects constituencies in England
  • 11%/41% - DIFFERENCE 30% - An elected House of Lords
  • 45%/24% - DIFFERENCE 21% - Reduction of the top rate of tax to 40p
  • 75%/55% - DIFFERENCE 20% - A referendum on Britain's relationship with the European Union
  • 52%/32% - DIFFERENCE 20% - Break up of Royal Bank of Scotland into smaller, more competitive high street banks
  • 35%/15% - DIFFERENCE 20% - More toll roads alongside existing free roads
  • 89%/78% - DIFFERENCE 11% - Active enforcement of measures to ensure the NHS charges all foreign visitors for medical treatment
  • 88%/81% - DIFFERENCE 7% - Drug driving to become a criminal offence
  • 91%/84% - DIFFERENCE 7% - Foreign prisoners should be deported
  • 75%/79% - DIFFERENCE 4% - A cut in fuel duty
  • 71%/67% - DIFFERENCE 4% - Longer prison sentences for convicted criminals
  • 55%/42% - DIFFERENCE 13% - Mentally-ill people should be taken out of prison and given specialist treatment
  • 44%/33% - DIFFERENCE 11% - Foreign visitors to Britain should pay to visit museums and galleries
  • 8%/14% - DIFFERENCE 6% - A law that would ensure 0.7% of UK national income is spent on overseas aid
  • 54%/49% - DIFFERENCE 5% - Cancellation of High Speed Rail and the diversion of the savings into improvements for existing rail services
  • 40%/35% - DIFFERENCE 5% - A congestion-busting fund so that councils have more money to improve traffic management.


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