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The Hunt is on for film of the Culture Secretary dancing the lambada. ConservativeHome opens the bidding.

By Paul Goodman
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Full marks to the Guardian for inventiveness.  It has tracked down Jeremy Hunt's lambada teacher this morning.

And full marks to him, too.  Joseph Koniak (check out his website) avoids saying anything disobliging about the Culture Secretary, who has a sprung dancefloor at home on which to "cut the rug".

"Amazing guy, amazing personality, nothing but a gentleman," says Mr Koniak. "Dance comes from the heart and that's one thing Jeremy has – a big heart...The best students are the ones who have an open mind and a willingness to learn and forego their ego. If you can do that, there's no limit."

The Guardian's competitors will not let this rest.  Honour won't be satisfied until Mr Hunt's efforts are displayed on film.  Never let it be said that ConservativeHome doesn't get there first.  The Culture Secretary is clearly the gentleman in the green shirt at 1.37 below.


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