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Boris wins London mayoral election

By Matthew Barrett
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Mayoral screencap 4

Midnight Boris' victory speech thanks to BBC London 94.9:


Mayoral screencap 3

Boris has won. 

First preference results:
  • Siobhan Benita, independent: 83,914
  • Carlos Cortiglia, BNP: 28,751
  • Boris Johnson, Conservative: 971,931
  • Jenny Jones, Green Party: 98,913
  • Ken Livingstone, Labour: 889,918
  • Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrats: 91,774

Second preference

  • Boris Johnson: 82,880
  • Ken Livingstone: 102,355

Add second preferences to first preference votes, and the final results are Boris: 1,054,811 Ken: 992,273. Boris has won it by 62,538 votes.

For comparison, in 2008, Boris had 1,168,738 votes to Ken's 1,028,966.

The main takeaway is that Boris has solidly outperformed Tory Assembly candidates, demonstrating the strength of the Boris brand. 

11.47pm We will have a result soon...

Mayoral screencap 1


Boris and Ken headed for a recount? 

I wish I could bring you news of Boris Johnson's victory, but I can't. Sources are reporting that counting machines have broken down at City Hall, and a few others that two new ballot boxes have been "found" in Brent and Harrow, the sole remaining London Assembly constituency to report its results.

Perhaps as a consequence of all this appearing, and the fact that power cuts had slowed down some north London constituencies' counting to begin with, the result, which was due at around 8pm, has still not emerged. 

There have been minor rumours of Ken Livingstone's campaign calling for a recount. However, Isabel Oakeshott of the Sunday Times tweeted earlier this evening: "Downing St 100pc confident of Boris victory."It's fine," says senior insider firmly", and YouGov's Peter Kellner has called the election for Boris. PolHome's Paul Waugh has also tweeted: "So, with one seat left, Boris on 912k votes to Ken 826k. Gap now 86k votes."

The BBC are currently reporting (although they have said this a number of times) that the result is due in half an hour or so, so hopefully we can bring you news soon. 


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