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Tory grassroots want blue collar Conservatives promoted to Cabinet

By Tim Montgomerie
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Over the weekend I'll reveal how ConHome readers answered the question as to who they'd most like promoted to the Cabinet and also those they'd like demoted from the Cabinet.

Before then, however, here's the criteria you suggested were most important for choosing the people at the government's top table...

Respondents were asked to rate each factor on a zero to ten scale where zero equalled unimportant and ten equalled of maximum importance.

9.55 - They are competent

8.04 - They are true Conservatives

7.78 - They understand blue collar, lower income families

7.59 - They will represent grassroots Conservatives in Cabinet

7.26 - They are good on TV and radio

7.04 - They have reforming ideas

6.73 - They are Eurosceptics

3.37 - They will get on with the Liberal Democrats

3.13 - They are David Cameron loyalists

2.70 - They are women

Good news, I think, that competence is seen as the most important factor and interesting that ideology and understanding of of blue collar issues are much more important than gender or Coalition etiquette.


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