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Is this the most anti-Christian Government in British history?

By Paul Goodman
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FaithFirst, Ministers announced that the consultation on gay marriage would not be whether to carry it out but how to do so.

Next, they confirmed that they do not supporting the claimed right to wear a cross at work.

And today we learn that George Osborne has decided to tear up the Sunday trading laws (forget the flannel about "suspending" them: the move will be permanent).  This initiative is being applauded by all right-thinking political journalists and think-tankers on Twitter as I write, and is therefore obviously mistaken.

(Tim has also pointed out that the Foreign Office is rather backward about coming forward over the persecution of Christians abroad.)

Not all churchgoers oppose gay marriage, or believe that Christians should have the right to wear a cross at work, or are opposed to relaxing the Sunday trading laws...but a lot of them object to one or the other or two or all three.

David Cameron and Osborne must either be confident that they already have the churchgoing vote wrapped up for 2015, or else be trying to write off as much of it as possible.  The alternative explanation - that they are tone-deaf to what Christians think - is too absurd to contemplate.

The question posed by my headline is doubtless one for John Rentoul, but I suspect that some churchgoers will now begin to ask it in earnest.


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