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Inviting you to jump in to The Deep End

By Tim Montgomerie
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I hope with sections like the Majority page ConHome already lifts its head above the here and now but we do tend to be very news-driven. In a new section of the site - The Deep End - we will be inviting you - every Friday - to look away from some of the day's headline grabbing events and towards some more permanent things and trends.

In this week's first edition The Deep End's anonymous editor invites you to think about China's hereditary underclass, American's hidden red tape and welfare, making bankers personally liable for any losses their banks incur, Jane Austen as a moral philosopher and the Greek bookstore/café that could neither sell books nor make coffee.

I also draw your attention to the "fathoms" in the right hand column of the deep end including facts such as...

  • Average floor spaces for new homes – 76 square metres in the UK, 88 in Ireland, 116 in Holland, 137 in Denmark;
  • 31% of Labour voters think cuts are necessary; 3% of Conservative voters think the cuts are unnecessary; and
  • The Bank of England now owns a third of our national debt.

Go on, dive in.


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