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Tory members say deregulation should be top growth priority

By Tim Montgomerie
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In the latest ConservativeHome readers' survey we asked respondents to rate a list of measures in terms of their importance for the competitiveness of the British economy. A zero rating equalled of no importance and ten equalled top importance. The table below summarises the results.

In order to read it clearly click upon it and it will enlarge.


Here are the average scores:

  • Radical pruning of red tape for small businesses: 9.07
  • Getting out of expensive EU policies like the Common Agricultural Policy: 8.29
  • New generation of nuclear power stations: 8.0
  • Delay of policies that are increasing energy prices: 7.94
    End of national pay bargaining: 7.13
  • A no strike deal in essential public services: 6.97
  • Sacking of bad teachers: 6.95
  • New airport capacity: 6.9
  • Break up of the Eurozone: 6.87
  • The abolition of the 50p tax rate: 6.46
  • Linking the retirement age to life expectancy: 6.02
  • Profit-making schools: 5.14
  • A regional minimum wage: 4.98
  • Lower tax on income and investment, paid for, if necessary, by higher taxes on pollution and expensive properties: 4.93
  • High speed rail: 4.0
  • Toll roads: 3.59

1,411 members completed the survey on 31st January and 1st February.


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