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Cameron's letter to Huhne praises his contribution to creating "greenest government ever"

By Tim Montgomerie
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Chris Huhne has resigned and in his letter to Mr Huhne the Prime Minister praises the outgoing Energy and Climate Change Secretary's environmental credentials:

"Thank you for your letter informing me of your decision to resign from the Government. I believe you have made the right decision under the circumstances.

You have made a very significant contribution to the Government, of which you can be justly proud.

You were a member of the team which negotiated the formation of the Coalition Government between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats in those crucial days after the General Election, with our shared commitment to come together as two distinct political parties and govern in the national interest.

As Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, you have led the Government’s efforts to live up to its responsibility to tackle climate change with great passion and distinction. You played a key role in securing the progress made at the Cancun and Durban summits, and I pay tribute to the leadership you showed at both. You have been determined to deliver on our pledge that this should be the greenest Government ever, recognising that cutting carbon emissions is not a luxury but a necessity. And you have relentlessly championed green growth.

Thank you too for the important contribution you have made as a member of the National Security Council since its inception, not only on security of our energy supply, but also in our discussions on Afghanistan, and during the Libya campaign.

Like the Deputy Prime Minister, I am sorry to see you leave the Government under these circumstances and wish you well for the future."

The FT has Mr Clegg's letter to Mr Huhne. The Lib Dem leader goes further than Mr Cameron. He hopes you "clear your name... so that you can return to play a key role in government as soon as possible." Also, whereas Cameron writes that Mr Huhne made the "right decision" to step down Mr Clegg only says he "understands" the decision.

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