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Wetherspoon introduces 'Veto Ale' to celebrate Cameron's patriotic act

By Tim Montgomerie
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15103_1325591823_aBatemans is a "proud, independent British brewery" and in that spirit it has decided to produce a new 'Veto Ale' in celebration of David Cameron's "no" to Nicolas Sarkozy and other EU leaders.

The Veto ale is exclusive to Wetherspoons and Wetherspoons' chairman Tim Martin is delighted:

"Veto Ale is a traditional English bitter and a perfect example of a great beer style that you can drink and feel proud to be British. I believe that David Cameron has taken the right decision on the euro and that customers in our pubs will salute this with a pint of this excellent beer."

Veto Ale is, we learn, "brewed using solely British ingredients". But, of course.


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