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The twelve ConHome stories from the Christmas period you won't want to have missed

By Tim Montgomerie
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Is this your first day back at your computer after the Christmas break? Here are 12 top ConHome stories you may have missed...

  1. Margaret Thatcher and Boris Johnson are the Conservative politicians that Tory members feel closest to.
  2. Is William Hague doing enough to help persecuted Christians who feel the Arab Spring is more of a Winter for them?
  3. Every time David Cameron does something Conservative his popularity increases. Has he noticed?
  4. Cheryl Gillan MP warns that Labour is building a "slate curtain" between Wales and the rest of the UK.
  5. Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson shoots up Cabinet league table after taking Eurosceptic stance before crucial EU summit.
  6. Paul Goodman on How Liberal Democrats can gain some ownership of the Coalition... while Conservatives get on with boosting growth
  7. A guide to what we learnt in the 1981 Cabinet papers: Thatcher's determination to buy Trident and defeat economic wets
  8. Taking advantage of the Pickles reforms, Westminster Council says Council Tax Benefit should be linked to behaviour
  9. Education Secretary Michael Gove is ConHome's Conservative of the Year and John Redwood is Backbencher of the Year.
  10. Rob Wilson MP publishes evidence which shows that "62% of Bercow's interruptions are against Conservative MPs but only 47% of MPs are Tory".
  11. Sayeeda Warsi warns Tim Farron and other Liberal Democrats to stop "slagging off" the Conservatives.
  12. Full text and video of David Cameron's upbeat Christmas message.

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