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Tories take 6% lead in new ICM poll... 3% behind in YouGov


  1. Leaders: Cameron's net satisfaction rating with voters is -6%, Miliband's is -31%, Clegg's is -40%.
  2. Clegg and Europe: 66% think Nick Clegg has handled EU summit badly compared to 15% who think he's handled it well.
  3. Weak Clegg: 7% see Nick Clegg as a strong leader; 54% see him as weak.
  4. Lib Dem influence: 48% think the Lib Dems have influence in the Coalition; 43% do not.
  5. Durability of Coalition: 37% think the Coalition is working well and 56% badly; half think it will break up within next two years.
  6. Ed Miliband's leadership: 21% think Ed Miliband think he's been an effective Leader of the Opposition; 63% do not. 20% think he's up to the job of being Prime Minister; 62% do not.
  7. David Miliband: 41% think Ed Miliband's older brother would make a better Labour leader; 10% do not.
  8. The EU Veto: 58% think Cameron was right to veto the EU Treaty and just 21% think he was wrong.
  9. Voters want EU reform, not exit: 40% of British people want "a less integrated Europe than now with the European Union amounting to little more than a free trade area"; twice as many as who want complete withdrawal. If there was a referendum on British membership of EU 41% would vote to stay in and 41% would vote to leave.
  10. Britain's economic future: 46% say Britain should focus future economic links on emerging economies like China and India compared to 19% saying EU.
  11. Personal economic prospects: 11% think their own financial situation will get better in the next 12 months; 60% worse.
  12. Top concerns in 2012: Rising prices (64), general state of economy (51%), immigration (37%).

More here (PDF).


By Matthew Barrett
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A new ICM poll for the Sunday Telegraph released tonight shows continued evidence of a "Brussels bounce" for the Conservatives. The ST reports:

"Support for the Tories hits the symbolic 40 per cent, up two points since the start of December. Backing for Labour slid by two points to 34 per cent, while the Liberal Democrats remained unchanged at 14 per cent."

An interesting finding:

"Mr Cameron will also be buoyed by a strong polling amongst women. The Conservatives have been accused of losing touch with female voters in recent months. However, the polls said Conservative support amongst women voters has risen to 43 per cent, compared with 39 per cent amongst men."

More news on tonight's polls when we get it.

10pm Update:

Tonight's YouGov/Sunday Times poll comes in at:

  • CON 39%
  • LAB 42%
  • LDEM 9%
This is the first Labour lead for YouGov since Monday.


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