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Only 29% of Tory members think deficit will be under control by 2015. Grassroots more pessimistic about EU and immigration.

By Tim Montgomerie
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Yesterday we published Tory members' verdict on the Autumn Statement. Today we publish answers to the question; WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING WILL BE ACHIEVED BY THE END OF THE PARLIAMENT? Members aren't optimistic...

  • The Universal Benefit will have been introduced and it will pay for people to leave welfare and take a job: 57% yes, 26% no
  • Retired people will enjoy fair pensions from the state: 47% yes, 37% no
  • Britain's schools will be much closer to world class standards: 48% yes, 41% no
  • Britain will be growing at a reasonably healthy rate: 37% yes, 43% no
  • Conservatives will be in an election-winning position: 33% yes, 30% no
  • The deficit will be back under control: 29% yes, 58% no
  • Britain will be on the verge of repatriating significant powers from Europe: 21% yes, 64% no
  • Net immigration will be cut from the hundreds of the thousands to the tens of thousands: 15% yes, 74% no

Do these results reflect a cynicism towards all politicians? Suspicion of the Coalition's resolve to make the necessary tough calls? Or simply a gritty realism that economic misery means everything is going to be very difficult to achieve?

1,340 Tory members all polled on Wednesday.


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