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Experimenting with a new approach to comments

By Tim Montgomerie
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This afternoon I've launched a new approach to comments moderation over on the Comment page. You can see it in operation under Lord Ashcroft's post.

The new system allows a number of new things:

  1. Users can give comments a thumbs up or thumbs down;
  2. Users can choose to change the ordering of posts. You can choose to have the latest comments at the top of the thread, for example, or the first comments. You can have the best-rated comments at the top or the worst.
  3. Users can also report comments that are objectionable.

This third change is the most important. We are experimenting with allowing comments to go live without moderation in the hope that other users will quickly report objectionable comments to us. To ensure that objectionable comments are deleted quickly please email me if you'd like to become a group moderator on ConHome with the power to delete other people's comments. My email address is [email protected] I will need some proof of your bona fides and will revoke the status of any group moderator who abuses the privilege.

If the experiment on the Comment blog goes well the new system will be extended to this and all other ConHome blogs.

Thank you.


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